Hustler FastTrak SDX

Strength. Quality. Reliability. A professional cut every time.

Toughest Frame, Front Forks, And Deck In The Industry. Commercial Welded Steel Decks Commercial Grade 200ft-lbs Clutch Internal Suspension Seat. 23” Drive Tires Hydro-Gear Commercial ZT 3400 Transmissions Kawasaki FX Premium Commercial Engines


Market Segment: Professional
Cutting Width: 54" Or 60"
Dry Weight: 54"--391 Kg 60"--402 Kg
Engine Displacement: Kawasaki FX730 23.5 Hp
Fuel Capacity: 18.75 L
Productivity: 54"--17290sqm/h 60"--19180sqm/h
Other: Ground Speed 0- 14.4 Kph

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Hustler FastTrak SDX
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