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Grasshopper 126V52
Midmount Zero-Turn Lawnmower
Viking MB 253
Greater cutting width, more power

R 8 125,00

Viking MB 253T
Additional power, greater cutting width

R 10 500,00

Professional Cylinder Lawnmowers
Nothing beats a cylinder mower for that clean, smooth look of a well-kept sports field.
Professional Golf Green Cylinder Lawnmowers
Golf greens need special care
Professional Hi-Vac Lawnmowers - Electric
Introducing the residential expert
Professional Hi-Vac Lawnmowers - Petrol
High quality lawnmowers that won't let you down
Professional Coaster Lawnmowers
If lawn care is your business, you want the right mower.
Professional Coaster Petrol Lawnmowers - no grassbox
If lawn care is your business, you want the right mower.
Professional Super Coaster 3kW Lawnmower - no grassbox
The preferred choice for mowing of large areas

R 7 900,00

Professional Super Coaster Lawnmowers - no grassbox
The preferred choice for mowing of large areas.
Professional Hopper Rough Cutter
Presenting the ATV of lawn mowers
Professional Mini-vac Lawnmower
Ideal for townhouses

R 2 895,00

Professional Mini-vac Petrol Lawnmower
Recommended for small gardens

R 3 700,00

Snapper SPX Side Discharge Tractors
The SPX range offers an enhanced mowing experience for gardens with larger lawns
Snapper 360Z 23/42
42 Inch Cut

R 79 000,00

Snapper 360Z 25/52
52 Inch Cut

R 107 800,00

Ferris IS 600Z
44 Inch Cut

R 156 750,00

Ferris IS 700Z
52 Inch Cut

R 172 000,00

Ferris IS 2600Z
61 Inch Cut

R 285 000,00

Ferris F160Z Fleet Series
52 Inch Cut

R 187 000,00

Ferris F210Z Fleet Series
61 Inch Cut

R 195 000,00

Unicorn 750 Self-propelled Lawnmower
UNI75Y with 75cm cut and Yamaha MZ360 engine

R 30 000,00

Tandem 18″ Silent Cylinder Pushmower
Domestic use lawnmower for noise sensitive areas

R 2 500,00

Tandem Manual Pushmowers
Domestic pushmower, ideal for town-houses and small lawn areas.

R 1 460,00

Hustler Z Diesel
The convenience of a diesel mower and the power of a Hustler

R 382 000,00

Hustler Raptor
Serious high performance zero-turn mowing at the best value - period

R 81 800,00

Hustler Raptor Super Duty
Bigger. Stronger. Faster. Built to commercial standards.

R 124 200,00

Hustler FasTrak
Premium zero-turn designed for the homeowner who wants the best

R 167 500,00

Lawn Star MiniMo Electric Lawnmower
Ideal for townhouses

R 1 200,00

Hustler FastTrak SDX
Strength. Quality. Reliability. A professional cut every time.

R 203 500,00

Hustler Trimstar
Walk behind lawnmower

R 142 400,00

Hustler X- One
The all-day, every day performing commercial zero turn mower.

R 261 500,00

Hustler Super Z HD
The top-of-the-line commercial zero-turn mower.

R 345 000,00

Hustler Super 104
An affordable wide-area mower with the maneuverability of a zero-turn.

R 546 500,00

Rolux Magnum 2.2kW Lawnmower
For Medium Sized Lawns

R 3 900,00

Rolux Magnum 2.6kW Lawnmower
For Large Sized Lawns

R 4 350,00

Rolux Magnum 3kW Lawnmower
For Large Sized Lawns

R 4 800,00

Grasshopper 126V61
Midmount Zero-Turn Lawnmower
Rolux Magnum 650 Series Briggs & Stratton Lawnmower
For Large Sized Lawns

R 5 000,00

Stiga Tornado 3308H Ride-on Lawnmower
42 Inch Cut

R 47 825,00

Stiga Tornado 2098H Ride-on Lawnmower
38 Inch Cut

R 39 500,00

Tandem Ratel Petrol Lawnmowers
Industrial / Commercial & Large Gardens Lawnmower Range
Tandem Prima 1500W Lawnmower
Suitable for small gardens

R 2 530,00

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