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Back MM 55 MultiEngine MultiTools
Stihl MM 55 MultiEngine With wheel kit
Ideal for synthetic lawn sweeping

R 6 095,00

Stihl MM-BF - Pick tine
Breaks up heavy clay soil

R 1 170,00

Stihl MM-BK - Bolo tine
Prepares the soil for planting

R 1 170,00

Stihl MM-FC - Edge trimmer
Creates clean edges

R 610,00

Stihl MM-KB - Bristle brush
For the removal of dirt or stains

R 3 195,00

Stihl MM-KW - Power sweep
Removes dirt, rubble, sand, wet leaves and snow

R 3 400,00

Stihl MM-MF - Dethatcher
Removes moss and matted growth

R 2 815,00

Stihl MM-RL - Aerator
Perforates the surface of the lawn

R 1 175,00

Stihl Weight kit

R 1 070,00

Stihl Wheel kit
Ideal for KB-MM und KW-MM

R 930,00

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