Cleaving axe AX 28 T

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Forestry hatche made from high-quality materials in an exclusive design. This special edition features a "1926" imprint signifying the year STIHL was founded. It embodies the tradition and sustainability of the STIHL brand. The tool heads were forged by hand from a special kind of high-quality steel, the handles are made of mountain ash and are double waxed. Admirers of exclusive quality craftsmanship will appreciate this special hand tool that comes with a leather cutting edge protection. Each tool comes with an embossed individual production number making it a unique and valuable one-of-a-kind object. Approx. 85 cm, 2,750 g. Highly suitable for medium and hard splitting work, highly suitable for light splitting work as well as felling with a wedge, attractive leather cutting edge protection.

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Cleaving axe AX 28 T

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