Stihl Dynamic BT Ear Protectors

Ear protectors with Bluetooth (BT)

Price: R 2 265,00

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Suitable for a wide variety of uses, such as with a smartphone, Bluetooth 4.0, separate AUX input, battery runtime up to 38 hours, EN 352, SNR 29. (H:33; M:26; L:18)


  • Very high noise reduction
  • Easy-to-understand 3 button control
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery without memory effect
  • Up to 38hrs operation
  • Additional AUX inlet (3.5mm jack) for further gadgets w/o BT technology
  • 10m reach - smartphone to headset
  • Streaming from smartphone
  • Calling directly from headset w/o touching the smartphone
  • Weighs only about 370g
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Stihl Dynamic BT Ear Protectors

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