Stihl GHE 135 L Shredder

Integral transparent 60-litre shredder box

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Replacing the Viking GE 135 L Shredder. The STIHL electric shredder GHE 135 L is perfect for shredding work in noise-sensitive environments. Its low working noise protects your ears and those of your neighbours. At the same time, it has sufficient power to shred medium quantities of hard clippings. You can feed woody hedge cuttings and branches up to 35 mm thick into the roller shredder via the cloverleaf opening. The efficient cutting roller shreds them into valuable compost in an instant and operates quietly with minimal vibrations. The shredded branch material falls directly into the integrated shredder bag, which you can conveniently transport and empty. The STIHL GHE 135 L helps you to reduce the volume of woody tree and hedge cuttings by 75% on average as well as create space in your garden again. Mixed with plant trimmings and foliage, you also get a high quality compost.

Technical data

Max. branch thickness up to 35 mm
Nominal output 2.300 W
Rated voltage 230 V
Weight 23 kg
Cutting tool Cutting roller
Guaranteed sound power level LwA 94 dB(A)
Measured sound pressure level LpA 87 dB(A)
Uncertainty factor sound pressure level KpA 3 dB(A)
Uncertainty KWA 2,4 dB(A)
Nominal speed 40 U/min

Standard features

  • Integrated shredder bag
    Integrated shredder box

    The transparent shredder box is built into this silent electric shredder. It can hold up to 60 litres of clippings and has recessed grips for practical handling. For your safety, the STIHL garden shredder can only be operated when the catcher box is inserted correctly.

  • Soundproofed feed chute
    Soundproofed feed chute

    The large feed chute facilitates feeding of the STIHL shredder. The soundproofed feed chute reduces working noise when shredding in the garden. The integrated spray protection provides a shield against swirling dirt.

  • Cloverleaf opening
    Cloverleaf opening

    The cloverleaf opening in the feed chute makes it easier to feed branch material into the STIHL garden shredder and ensures maximum operating safety. Even branch material with side shoots and twigs can be fed easily into the wide opening and shredded efficiently. Soft clippings can be inserted through the adjacent rectangular opening on the garden shredder.

  • Blade roller
    Blade roller

    The crushing device on the STIHL electric shredder is equipped with a robust, low-speed blade roller. The roller draws in branches and twigs at only 40 revolutions per minute while operating smoothly and silently. Should any branches become stuck, the automatic reverse function conveniently dislodges the offending clippings.

The version(s) available in each country may differ from the above range and specifications; specific details may be subject to change without notice.

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Stihl GHE 135 L Shredder

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