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Einhell Venturro 18/210 Cordless Blower

R2,300.00 Inc VAT


Einhell Venturro 18/210 Cordless Blower

With the Einhell cordless leaf vacuum, VENTURRO 18/210 tedious leaf collecting is a thing of the past! The powerful 18-volt cordless leaf vacuum works completely cordlessly, is also a leaf blower, and also has an integrated shredder. The cordless device is part of the powerful Einhell Power X-Change family, where all batteries, system devices, and chargers can be flexibly combined. With a suction capacity of 500 m³ per hour, the 3 kg lightweight device also removes large amounts of foliage in no time at all, which, thanks to the shredding function, ends up in a 45-liter collecting bag, reduced to one-tenth of its original volume. The quality collection sack is equipped with a viewing window to check the fill level and is quickly and easily clicked into the leaf vacuum. A changeover switch can be used to change between suction and blowing functions at any time and without any effort. If the cordless leaf vacuum is used as a leaf blower, it blows the leaves out at up to 210 km/h. With the speed electronics, the suction and blowing power can be individually controlled, which also influences the volume. Thanks to the additional handle, the cordless leaf vacuum can be optimally guided with the two-hand operation, and a comfortable carrying strap also ensures optimum weight relief. With two large wheels at the end of the suction pipe, the cordless leaf vacuum can also be moved comfortably on uneven terrain, which protects your back. Thanks to an integrated wall bracket, the device can be stowed away in a space-saving way.




Since its foundation in 1964, Einhell has developed steadily and always remained aware of its local roots. The company has grown from the Hans Einhell GmbH, based in Landau an der Isar, to a corporate group. But the headquarters of what is now Einhell Germany AG remain in Landau where it all began. The company took its first step in an international direction in 1968 with a production site in Spain. And now the Einhell Group employs some 1,800 people in over 43 countries across the globe. The company's products are sold in over 90 countries, which resulted in a turnover of 927.4 million euros for the company in 2021. The next target markets are already in the sights of the global group and will be implemented in the next few years. Outstanding service and innovative products, such as the Power X-Change battery system, should impress customers and contribute to sustainable, international growth through long-term planning and sound business practices.


  • Member of the Power X-Change family, 1x18V battery necessary
  • Brushless motor - more power and longer running time
  • PurePOWER Brushless - 10-year motor warranty after registration
  • Electronic speed control
  • Toolless changeover from blower and suction function
  • Additional handle
  • Large collection bag with viewing window
  • Fastening of the collection bag via a clever quick fastening system
  • Integrated shredding function
  • Comfortable carrying strap
  • Large guide wheels for better weight relief
  • High blowing volume with blowing air speed up to 210 km/h
  • Good suction power with up to 500 m³/h
  • Softgrip for non-slip and comfortable work
  • Integrated wall mounting
  • Recommendation for optimal results: 3.0 Ah battery and larger
  • Supplied without battery and charger (available separately)


Technical details

Idle speed 8000 min^-1 - 14000 min^-1
Air speed 210 km/h
Max. suction power 500 m³/h
Max. blowing power 180 m³/h
Shredding function 10:1
Capacity of catch bag 45 L
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