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Organic Fertilizer Combo

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Organic Fertilizer Combo

100% Organic & Natural

We have searched and found the perfect all-in-one solution. With PlantosVerde being Calcium Rich and Eco Fish naturally high in NPK, our Fertilizer Combo Package provides your plants, grass or crops with all the essential nutrients it needs.

*for commercial or agricultural use, please contact us.

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Fertilizer Combo

Combo 1 (1x 1L Eco Fish + 1x 500g PlantosVerde), Combo 2 (2x 1L Eco Fish + 1x 1Kg PlantosVerde), Combo 3 (1x 5L Eco Fish + 1x 3Kg PlantosVerde)

PlantosVerde Information

Greener Gardens All Year Round

A stunning home garden is not complete without beautiful green grass and plants to finish it off! Using a natural fertilizer on your lawn and plants are very important to both the appearance as well as the overall health and integrity of your plants.

That’s why EcoWhizz distributes PlantosVerde, a natural and 100% organic fertilizer which promotes healthy plant and crop growth. Manufactured in Germany, PlantosVerde has been analysed and tested in multiple universities and farms around the world, all of which have approved its safety and confirmed its beneficial qualities.

PlantosVerde is a nanofertilizer, which allows it to enter the stomata of the plant, giving you amazing results just after 2 weeks. This plant nutrition miracle is activated micronized natural calcite, which creates mineral particles small enough to enter the leaves, unlike most fertilizers that only enter through the roots. It is a photosynthesis activator which reduces the amount of water the plant requires and acts as a strengthening agent and natural vaccination against a variety of pests. It is also a natural antioxidant for plants with vitalising and anti-aging effects, ensuring healthier and more resilient plants.

Studies have shown that not only does PlantosVerde contain no harmful toxins and is 100% pet friendly but is completely odourless too.

Benefits of

  • Excellent area coverage – 3kg covers 1 Hectare
  • Increased Brix (Sugar) content
  • Increased dry matter
  • Improved taste for all fruit and vegetables
  • Improved colour
  • Less watering required
  • Reduced fertilizer cost
  • Overall healthier plants
  • Odourless
  • Pet friendly
  • Increased shelf life
  • Photosynthesis activator
  • Yield increases up to 30%

How Do I Apply PlantosVerde?

When applying PlantosVerde, you need to start with creating your mixture. To do so:

Dissolve 1 rounded teaspoon with a small amount of water (just enough to create a watery, cement-like paste). Once the PlantosVerde has dissolved, transfer the mixture to a spray bottle and add 1 Litre of water in.

Simply spray the mixture using a fine mist to the leaves, including the underside of the leaves, in either the early evening or early morning.

*Please Note: Oftentimes a white residue is left behind on the plants, spray the mist from a distance to avoid this

Please see the Spray Programmes attached below to find out when to spray.

Facts Sheet

Ca = 327g/kg
si = 65.4g/kg
Mg = 7.2g/kg
S = 1g/kg
<N = 3g/kg
<P = 1g/kg
<K = 1g/kg

Fertilizer Group 2
Reg no. B4598 Act 36 of 1947
Approved by Ecocert SA F-32600

Eco Fish Information

Eco Fish is a 100% natural foliar fertilizer made in South Africa, perfect for home, commercial and agricultural use, working brilliantly on all crop and lawn types. Made from a fish emulsion, it is rich in natural N.P.K and other macro and micronutrients which are essential for the health, resistance, and performance of your crop/lawn. 

1 Litre of Eco Fish makes 100 Litres of fertilizer and will cover up to 3000m2!

Information Pages

Plantosverde Grass Spray programme

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