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Professional Spiked roller 500mm

R4,850.00 Inc VAT


Professional Spiked roller 500mm (with handle)

Our spike roller comes in 500mm size that will aerate your lawn, this will break up the layering effect, and allow grass to grow as it should. Aerating your lawn more frequently will be beneficial especially if it’s a high-traffic area, which will tend to compact the soil and make proper growth difficult.



More than 50 years after we made the first Professional ™ cylinder mower, our craftsmen are still taking pride in engineering beautiful machines that are built for life. Each part is precision engineered to create a perfectly balanced mower that produces perfect lawns, time after time. Our manufacturing plant produces a range of original products, each purpose-designed to exceed your expectations. All metal parts are manufactured locally, allowing us to apply the strictest quality control measures to ensure that they measure up to our demanding standards, and because our products should be partnered with suitable power plants, we only use selected engines from leading manufacturers.


Working width 500mm
Number of spikes 60
Working weight with water 85kgs
Net weight (empty) 25kgs
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