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Rolux Magnum X Push Lawnmower - Electric

R4,600.00R5,500.00 Inc VAT


Rolux Magnum X Push Lawnmower Electric - cable not included

For 64 years Rolux has brought garden enthusiasts the best in quality and reliability with the iconic Rolux Magnum model. These machines are the household name for lawnmowers and the Rolux Magnum X is best in its class for residential use. We have significantly improved our machines over-time to ensure our lawnmowers will deliver smooth lawns for generations to enjoy.

Rolux Magnum X

Cost-effective, durable, and reliable. Built for life, a Rolux Magnum X is designed to give you the perfect cut every time, so you can do it right, right now!

Rolux Magnum X lawnmowers are known for their:

  • eXtra strong steel chassis
  • eXtra strong wheels with sealed steel ball bearings
  • eXtra strong steel axles
  • eXtra long 3-year warranty on chassis




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Electric 1.8KW, Electric 2.2KW, Electric 2.6KW, Electric 3.0KW


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