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Stihl HLA 86 Cordless Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer Unit Only

R9,095.00 Inc VAT


Stihl HLA 86 Cordless Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer Unit Only

The professional STIHL HLA 86 cordless long-reach hedge trimmer is ideal for the efficient maintenance of tall hedges, shrubs, and ground cover. The sturdy EC motor with infinitely variable adjustable speed delivers consistently high work performance. The cutter bar can be adjusted through 135° tool-free, for cutting at head height, ground level, or to the side. The double-sided cutting blades create a neat, clean cut. The square-cut telescopic shaft with tool-free adjustment features high stability. The 260–330 cm long-reach hedge trimmer has a very long range and can be folded to 180 cm for easy transport.




Weight kg 1) 4,4
Blade length cm 50
Battery lifetime AP 300 S min 2) bis 223
Battery life time AR 1000 min 2) bis 450
Battery life time AR 2000 min 2) up to 660
Battery life time AR 3000 L min 2) bis 1.040
Rated voltage V 36
Tooth spacing mm 33

1) With blade, with handle, without protection, without battery
2) Battery life times are approximate and may vary depending on application


  • Telescopic shaft with quick release
    Telescopic shaft with quick release

    The handy telescopic shaft can be extended from 260 cm to 330 cm. Simple shaft length adjustments are made using the quick release mechanism.

  • Perfect equipment balance
    Perfect equipment balance

    The battery center of gravity is located in the shaft axis. The lower tilting moment enables effortless working.

  • Intuitive control handle
    Intuitive control handle

    The user-friendly combination of the ergonomic control handle featuring self-resetting locking lever with the Ergo lever ensures an intuitive start-up sequence. Easy operation for right- and left-handed users.

  • Double sided blade
    Double sided blade

    The double sided blade allows for easy and safe vertical and horizontal hedge trimming.

  • Easy and quick adjustment
    Easy and quick adjustment

    The cutter bar can be adjusted from -45° to 70° to suit the application, and can be folded down to easily fit into a car.


  • AR 1000 backpack battery
AR 1000 backpack battery

Backpack lithium-ion batteries with big capacity for longer running times. Sturdy housing with base and charge level indicator (six LEDs), comfortable and ergonomically harness with integrated carry handle and rain protection cover. 626 Wh battery energy, weight 5.5 kg.


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