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Stihl HTA 86 Cordless Pole Pruner 30cm bar

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Stihl HTA 86 Cordless Pole Pruner 30cm bar

Powerful cordless pole pruner. Quiet and low-vibration. For professional use in tree maintenance, orchards and local authorities. For pruning trees, removing dead wood and breakage from storms, and for cutting back fruit trees. ¼" PM3 saw chain, lightweight and compact power head with sturdy branch hook for easy removal of loose cuttings from the tree. Rigid shaft to help with guidance and a clean and precise cut. Rapid length adjustment with quick release mechanism. Total length 270 – 390 cm





  • Branch hookZoom
    Branch hook

    The sturdy branch hook helps to remove loose cuttings from trees up to five metres tall.

  • EC-MotorZoom

    Wartungsfreier, bürstenloser und effizienter STIHL EC-Motor gewährleistet eine längere Laufzeit im Betrieb sowie eine erhöhte Lebensdauer des Gerätes. Steuerung des Motors über die neue STIHL EC-Elektronik, welche Belastungen z.B. durch dicke Zweige erkennt und entsprechend nachregelt, noch bevor die Motordrehzahl einbricht. So bleibt die Hubzahl während des Schnitts stets konstant. Das garantiert maximale Schnittperformance.

  • Side-mounted chain tensioningZoom
    Side-mounted chain tensioning

    The tensioning screw is inserted laterally through the sprocket cover, preventing hand contact with the sharp chain and the tips of the claw stop.

  • Telescopic shaft with rotatable clamping sleeveZoom
    Telescopic shaft with rotatable clamping sleeve

    The practical square telescopic shaft, which extends from 2.70 m to 3.90 m, makes efficient tree care easy. The shaft length can be adjusted without tools thanks to the rotatable clamping sleeve.



Technical data Value
Total length (max) cm 1) 390
Total length (min) cm 2) 270
Weight kg 3) 4,6
Weight kg 4) 4,6
Rated voltage V 36
Battery run time AP 300 S min 5) bis 64
Battery run time AR 1000 min 6) up to 125
Battery run time AR 2000 min 6) up to 175
Battery run time AR 3000 L min 7) up to 320

1) Maximum with tool
2) Minimum with tool
3) With bar and chain, without cable and chain oil
4) Without cutting attachment, without battery
5) Battery life times are approximate and may vary depending on application.
6) Battery life times are approximate and may vary depending on application


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