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Tork Craft Rotary mini tool 170W Variable Speed 8000 - 32 500 rpm

R645.00 Inc VAT


Tork Craft Rotary mini tool 170W Variable Speed 8000 - 32 500 rpm


The rotary tool can be used for:

  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Cutting
  • Sanding
  • Carving
TC08720 72 Pc accessories set
TC08172 172 Pc accessories set
TC08187 187 Pc accessories set
TC08245 245 Pc accessories set

Optional accessories sets:

TC08070 70 Pc accessories set
TC08051 180 Pc accessories set
TC08022 22 Pc clean & polishing set
TC08034 34 Pc sanding & grinding set
TC08050 50 Pc cutting & carving set
TC08052 52 Pc general purpose set
TC08072 72 Pc cut-off wheelset

Optional accessories:

TCMT001DC Drill chuck 0-3.2mm
TCMT001FS Flexible shaft
TCMT001SS Telescopic hang hook
TCMT001-2-3-1 Collet with nut 3.2mm
TCMT001-2-3-2 Collet with nut 2.3mm
TCMT001-2-3-3 Collet with nut 1.6mm

Spares for the rotary tool:

TCMT001-1 Plastic nose piece
TCMT001-10-11-12 Spindle lock
TCMT001-13 On-off switch
TCMT001-16 Var. speed switch
TCMT001-5 Armature
TCMT001-8 Stator (field coil)
TCMT001-9 Carbon brush set


Tork Craft

Tork Craft is a favourite brand known throughout Southern Africa. Complimenting the whole tool industry with an extensive range of accessories to simply make your work easier and make the world go round. We focus on expanding the brand and we receive almost monthly new lines and fresh solutions for the workplace.
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