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Yamaha MZ175 Engine

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Yamaha MZ175 Engine





Additional information


MZ175-A2B, MZ175-E2, MZ175-K2-50




Ignition System: T.C.I
L*W*H (mm): 315 × 352 × 370 m m
Dry Weight (kg): 1 6KG ’s
Fuel tank capacity(full)(l): 4 .5 Litres
Fuel type: Gasoline
Oil Capacity: 0.6 Litres
Engine Specs
Displacement: 171cm 3
Max Power (net): 3.5 kW (4.8 PS) / 3600 rpm
Max Torque (net): 10.5 N ・ m (1.0 kgf ・ m) / 2400 rpm


  • Intake manifold
    MZ engine mixture air goes into the cylinder having swirl. Mixture air needs to go into the cylinder uniformly. Also during compression and combustion, having swirl will increase the speed of plug spark spread through the mixture air. This increases the power, fuel consumption, and cleanliness exhaust emission.
  • Spark plug
    Register plug for noise reduction. Standard equipped with a resistance type SPARK PLUG is BPR4ES.
  • Muffler
    The adoption of a large muffler reduces the exhaust noise.
  • Decompression
    When starting the engine, the compression pressure is reduced by forcing the exhaust valve to open, thus facilitating the start operation.
  • Sleeve
    Spiny sleeve is used. Since the engine block is aluminum, cast iron sleeve is fitted for more durability and less worn out. This sleeve is called spiny sleeve that has special shape. When aluminum and steel expands by heat, their expand rate is different(aluminum is more than steel). This difference will create air pockets but with spiny sleeve is keeps this level is very small. Spiny sleeve is shaped liked jigsaw puzzle and even if aluminum and steel expands in different ratio, the air pocket will not occur.
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