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Einhell GE-US 18V Cordless Spreader Tool Only

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Einhell GE-US 18V Cordless Spreader

The Einhell Universal Spreader GE-US 18 Li makes many jobs in your garden or outdoor spaces a lot easier. Whether for fertilizing, sowing seeds or spreading de-icing salt in winter. As a member of the Power X-Change family, the spreader is powered with an 18 V system battery, which can be used in all Einhell devices in this range. The 6-level electronic speed control and the 8-level, ergonomic spreading volume control deliver perfectly dosed spreading performance. The container has a capacity of 3.3 liters. The spreading width is individually adjustable and can be set to a maximum of five meters, which corresponds to a coverage of approx. 15 square meters. The softgrip handle makes working ergonomic. The Einhell Universal Spreader GE-US 18 Li can be used to spread fertilizer, lawn seed or de-icing salt efficiently and easily. This means that this handy helper can be used all year round! The product is supplied without batteries or a charger. These are available separately, for example as an Einhell PXC starter set.



Since its foundation in 1964, Einhell has developed steadily and always remained aware of its local roots. The company has grown from the Hans Einhell GmbH, based in Landau an der Isar, to a corporate group. But the headquarters of what is now Einhell Germany AG remain in Landau where it all began. The company took its first step in an international direction in 1968 with a production site in Spain. And now the Einhell Group employs some 1,800 people in over 43 countries across the globe. The company's products are sold in over 90 countries, which resulted in a turnover of 927.4 million euros for the company in 2021. The next target markets are already in the sights of the global group and will be implemented in the next few years. Outstanding service and innovative products, such as the Power X-Change battery system, should impress customers and contribute to sustainable, international growth through long-term planning and sound business practices.


  • Member of the Power X-Change family, 1x18V battery necessary
  • 6-stage electronic speed control
  • 8-stage, ergonomic flow rate adjustment knob
  • 3.3l filling capacity
  • Ergonomic and secure handling thanks to softgrip
  • Individually adjustable spread width (max. 5m)
  • Spreading of fertiliser, grass seed and even salt
  • Year round use for spreading fertiliser, grass seed and salt
  • Supplied without battery and charger (available separately)


Motor type: Brush motor

Motor voltage: 18 V

Number of batteries included in delivery: 0 pcs

Number of chargers included in delivery: 0 pcs

Product weight: 1.24 Kg

Spreader container (filling volume): 3.3 l

Spreading amount regulation (levels): 5

Spreading range (max.): 5 m

Spreading range (min.): 1.7 m

Max Runtime on 4,0Ah Battery: 7h

Max Runtime on 5,2Ah Battery: 9h

Product Sheet

GE-US 18 Spreader Spec Sheet


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